Overview of video conferencing, the benefits it brings

Today, we are so familiar with online calling applications such as messenger, zalo, skype… Small-scale meetings often use these applications via the internet. However, those applications are not really professional for businesses in the 4.0 era or government agencies. Therefore, video conferencing solution is a necessary element, bringing many benefits to meetings. So what is a video conferencing solution? What benefits does it bring? In this article, AV PLUS will analyze an overview of video conferencing, its forms, technology, and its benefits.

Video Conferencing Overview

What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing is a solution to exchange information and data in real time. The transmission of image and audio information between many points in real time through online conferencing equipment.

In addition to the benefits of helping to exchange information, video conferencing solutions also help increase interaction between individuals and meeting attendees. At the same time, the exchange and discussion becomes more effective because the files and data are displayed more intuitively.

Forms of video conferencing

Currently, there are two forms of video conferencing: Point-point (Point-to-point) and Multipoint (multipoint).

  • Point-point: is a form of connecting 2 points together, with 2 points exchanging images and information with each other
  • Multipoint: A form of connecting many points together (>2 points) to be able to exchange information and images of many geographical distances in real time                                       

Video conferencing technology and structure of video conferencing system

Video conferencing technology

The technology of video conferencing includes both software and hardware. The technology used is digital technology, coder/decoder, real-time audio, video. the solution works based on IP technology with H320, H323, SIP, SCCP protocols. Thanks to these we can use advanced technology, with the best features and still be able to use the facilities available.


How video conferencing works

Regarding the operation of video conferencing in the following way

  • The MCU (Multipoint) control device, the central device will create a room meeting to call the terminals. The call will establish through the available IP
  • Incoming outside calls will be treated as 1 IP address (1 bridging point)
  • The operator can manage the MCU control device through the web from anywhere with the management account
  • The manager has the highest authority, has the role of disconnecting, inviting to speak, and disconnecting the sound for private discussion when necessary.
  • There are many different screen display modes, so we can adjust the display layout on the screen as we like.

Video conferencing equipment

  • Camera used to observe to record images
  • Microphones are used to exchange sounds. here are conference microphones, computer microphones, recording microphones.
  • Display screen: Used to display meeting content, the display screen can be television, computer screen, projection screen…
  • Speaker: Used to output audio for the meeting. Speakers here can be conference speakers, laptop/PC speakers, TV speakers
  • Codec: Used to process coding for receiving and transmitting audio and video signals. Here can be Laptop / PC, softwear, dedicated codec.
  • MCU – Multipoint connection: Supports advanced features such as initiating and ending meetings. Adjust the display layout, set the meeting schedule, manage the quality for the meeting

Advantages of video conferencing

  • Save travel time, by working face to face like meeting face to face
  • Can do many meetings, many different branches at the same time
  • Issues are resolved, voted on immediately because data can be shared in real time
  • The use and operation is extremely simple and fast, so it can be initialized quickly
  • High security
  • The meeting contents are recorded for the purpose of not missing information and assessing the quality of the meeting
  • Improve work efficiency, make timely decisions

Fields of use of video conferencing

Video conferencing is widely used in many fields such as:

  • Enterprise
  • Government agencies, state units due to high confidentiality of information
  • In the field of education: Organize effective online training sessions
  • Medical field: Meetings, seminars, training with doctors from all over the world. In addition, the use of telemedicine is also common these days.

Video conferencing solution provider

AV PLUS is confident to be the provider of video conferencing solutions of the world’s leading firms. We want to bring complete solutions to help businesses and organizations improve efficiency and quality through our solutions.

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