Installation of video conferencing system

Are you wondering which solution to choose for the upcoming meetings of your business?

You are looking to install a good quality video conferencing system , in accordance with the standards set forth for quality seminars and conferences.

The following article AV PLUS will give the reasons why we have to install a video conferencing system. Areas that need to be installed, video conferencing equipment and installation units of reputable and quality video conferencing systems.

What is online video conferencing?

Online video conferencing for the purpose of connecting meeting points together via the internet. Different from video calls via facebook, zalo… Video conference with the feature can connect many call points and the number of attendees is up to tens, hundreds of people. All data presented and shared will be in real time.

Video conference (Video confernce) is the optimal and economical solution for businesses and state agencies.

When to install online video conferencing?

Video conferencing is present in almost all fields. When we have needs like

  • Conferences, discussions and exchanges of units far away, cannot meet face-to-face to exchange
  • Exchange of documents and information of working groups in common but in different places
  • Teaching models of universities and teaching centers
  • In the medical field: When needing care and medical examination remotely
  • Enterprises and organizations with many branches need regular meetings between branches
  • Offices of state agencies: used for remote meetings, sharing information and data securely
  • Areas that need to exchange information, real-time files

The benefits of video conferencing

  • High security of online meetings
  • Decisions will be made quickly, in a timely manner because the data is shared in real time
  • Save money when organizing a seminar, conference
  • Save travel time for everyone when t
    hey need to get to the place of discussion. With the video conferencing solution, we just need to organize an extremely simple and fast online meeting
  • Save the content of the meeting without a secretary, a note-taker, in addition, you can review the meeting to evaluate the effectiveness of the meeting.
  • Make online meetings between many points together

What does video conferencing system include?

Video conferencing system includes hardware and software equipment

Software equipment

The software devices included to connect the points together. Through which meeting participants can share data and information in real time, making the meeting go better. Software applications such as: Zoom, skype, trans…

Software equipment

With software equipment, we have private meeting rooms and shared meeting rooms. Each type of meeting room will be equipped with different equipment.

With private meeting room:

  • Participants need to equip equipment such as: Computer with software installed, integrated or additional devices such as camera, microphone
  • In addition, it is possible to equip additional specialized devices such as webcams, external monitors

For corporate meeting rooms: participating points need to be equipped with equipment such as:

  • CCTV camera to capture images
  • Microphone for audio exchange
  • Display screen: Used to display meeting content, the display screen can be TV, computer screen, projector screen…
  • Speaker: Used to output audio for the meeting
  • Codec: Used to process coding for receiving and transmitting audio and video signals
  • MCU – Multipoint connection: Supports advanced features such as initiating and ending meetings. Adjust the display layout, set the meeting schedule, manage the quality for the meeting

The above devices are the necessary equipment in video conferencing. Depending on the area and number of participants in the meeting, we have a different number of devices to meet that need.

Installation of video conferencing system

AV PLUS confidently designs and installs professional video conferencing systems. We bring video conferencing solutions that meet the needs of customers in the highest way.

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